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The making of shoes begins with meeting the client.

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The first step is meeting the client and taking measurements. At the first meeting the design is chosen based on the client’s preferences.

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A wooden block is carefully cut and rasped to the client’s measurements.

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We make fitting shoes based on the finished wooden last. They are worn by the client to confirm a good fit.

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The wooden last is adjusted from feedback on fitting shoes, a new pattern is created and the uppers are prepared.

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Bespoke shoes are fully handmade by shoemakers. By meticulously making the shoes by hand, we’re able to achieve a make and comfort that a machine cannot.

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Finally, each shoe tree is crafted to fit the finished shoes, and the shoes are polished with creams and waxes.

Price Price Price Price
Shoe(with Shoe tree)
Marquess Style Marquess Style Marquess Style Marquess Style
For Gentleman For Gentleman For Gentleman For Gentleman
For Lady For Lady For Lady For Lady
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Appointment only for ordering bespoke shoes. Please email or call us for more information.We very much hope that we may be of service.

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